Office Prices

(all prices include utilities & internet)

Office A (460sqft): $850/month (plus GST)

Office B (420sqft with private kitchen): $850/month

Office C (120sqft): $450/month (plus GST)

Office D (120sqft): $450/month (plus GST)

Office E (170sqft corner office): $550/month (plus GST)

Office F (170sqft): $450/month (plus GST)

Office G (230sqft corner office): $600/month (plus GST)

Office H (100sqft no windows): $350/month (plus GST)

Office I (100sqft no windows): $350/month (plus GST)

*There are no extra charges ever (The rent is the rent, there is NO common area charges, NO triple net, NO property tax sharing or any other surprise fees) and utilities & internet are included for FREE.

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